Tuula Harrington - Goldsmith & Designer
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Tuula @ Designworks

Tuula Harrington studied under German Master Goldsmith Gabrielle Muller Hefter in Assisi, Italy. Since her time as an undergraduate student of Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University, Tuula’s innovative and original contribution to the time honored craft of goldsmithing has attracted attention, and a series of prestigious commissions.

In 2000 Tuula was commissioned to create a once off piece for the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, that symbolised the world renowned craftsmanship of early Ireland. In 2008 she created a piece for British singer KT Tunstall for the Brit Awards, resulting later in a commission to create a wedding band for her husband. In 2012 Tuula was awarded "Jewellery Designer of the Year" at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards for her innovative jewellery collection using sustainable Indian water-buffalo horn, diamonds and precious metals.

Tuula first established the Designworks studio in 2007 in the Winthrop Arcade in the heart of Cork city centre. Her new and current business Designworks Studio is located on Cornmarket Street in the centre of Cork City. To date it has earned a sterling reputation, with an ethos that develops and maintains long-standing relations with its clients. As well as running her workshop onsite at Designworks Studio, there is also a carefully curated selection of other very talented Irish Goldsmiths and Jewellery Designers work available to buy in-store.

"At Designworks Studio we pride ourselves in co-creating beautiful pieces of jewellery with our clients. Acquiring a piece of jewellery is much more than an exchange over the counter. We spend time with our clients and gain an insight into their tastes and preferences. Being attentive to these sensibilities is part of work. It brings me great pleasure to see clients returning and to participate in creating a collection of individual pieces" says Tuula Harrington.

Tuula’s work is represented nationally in select stores; Designworks Studio, Project 51, Irish Design Shop.


Silver Torque and Patinated Copper Bowl as presented to President of Ireland Mary McAlesse Feather Earrings for KT Tunstall
2008 Brit Awards
Feather Earrings for KT Tunstall
2008 Brit Awards

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